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mnemehoshiko ([personal profile] mnemehoshiko) wrote2010-03-14 10:27 pm
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The Joys of Flaky Floormates

I hate being nice and reasonable. My friend has managed to lose my Ipod. I realized that I should have remembered her track record with her own Ipod that this probably wouldn't be the best idea. But I thought "Nothing could possibly happen to it. Right?"
Cue a few days ago, "Mneme...I can't find your Ipod. ^_^''"
I'm mildly considering throttling her except that wouldn't do anything terribly useful. I'm giving her until April to find it but quite honestly, I'm kind of livid and amazing ticked at her. I let her borrow it, because I trusted her to return it. And now I'm kind of like...not surprised but somewhat disappointed.